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Ohm´s law

Ohm´s law The most commonly used formula in electrical engineering is known as Ohm´s law. The law describes the relationship between Voltage (U), Resistance (R) and Current (I). Many law´s and formulas are important to remember but Ohm´s law is... Continue Reading →

2 clips that robot junkies do not want to miss

Problems that needs to be solved with collaborative robots The first clip is about the interaction between humans and robots. This is a topic that there will be more and more buzz about as the market for collaborative robots will... Continue Reading →

Innovative energy monitoring platform Verdigris

Verdigris energy platform Verdigris is a energy monitoring system. It uses sensors that are connected to the incoming mains, distribution panel or branches and monitors the energy consumption of the household. With the information that is provided from the sensors... Continue Reading →

Shapr3D on the Ipad Pro

Shapr3D The first 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) app is now available on the Ipad Pro. I had a look at the video where it is demoed and I got really impressed! Click on the picture and have look. This... Continue Reading →

Wheatstones bridge

  Figure 1.1 Wheatstone´s bridge Wheatstone´s bridge is a electrical circuit that can be applied when physical quantities like mechanical stress or temperature are aimed to be measured. For someone who is not used to looking at electrical circuits or... Continue Reading →

Build your own 433 MHz receiving device for home automation using an Arduino(Part 1, Hardware)

Home automation Since about 2 years back we have had a Telldus home automation system installed. This uses radio frequency signals to control wall plugs and get information as humidity and temperature from sensors. There are a lot of products... Continue Reading →

Work, Energy and Power

Work Since energy and sustainability are hot topics today, I though I would offer a physics refresher, explaining the differences between work, energy and power. Lets start from the beginning with something that is called work. Work can mean many... Continue Reading →

Smart energy solution

Renewable and smart energy A company named EnGoPlanet is developing many innovative products in the field of renewable and smart energy. They have installed a street light system in Las Vegas that uses a combination of solar energy and the... Continue Reading →

My sun seeking solar panel

Solar panel + Arduino A couple of years ago I built a sun seeking solar panel. I made a very simply system design, I used a position servo to move the panels around and the output voltage from the solar... Continue Reading →

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