The first 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) app is now available on the Ipad Pro. I had a look at the video where it is demoed and I got really impressed! Click on the picture and have look.

Sharpr3D nummer 2

This looks like an ideal tool if you want to make quick sketches of concepts during an engineering meeting or if you are working in industrial design sitting with a customer. The software is compatible with all the major development environments that are on the market which is good as you would most likely want to finish your design in a “proper” environment. Shapr 3D (I know the spelling is crazy illogical) is available in a free version and a professional version. You can check out all the details on their website regarding what they offer.

Market for the Ipad Pro

For me I think that the value offering for the Ipad Pro has been quite low. I have a phone, a tablet and a computer, so I am not really seeing where the Ipad Pro comes in and what problems it will solve for me. It is getting dangerously close to a laptop. But with these type off additional features they are starting to swing me over. For sure it is important for them to differentiate from other similar products to be successful.

What an evolution!

If we take a moment and look in the rear view window. I have heard so many stories over the years from mechanical engineers who were sitting and making drawings by hand in the 70´s. It was not before the 90´s they could start to work with 3D oriented CAD on a computer in a somewhat reasonable way. Now in 2017 they have a digital drawing board that creates 3D models. That is an impressive evolution! If now only the concept of serial production deteriorates due to higher automation flexibility and there is advances in the field of manufacturing/machining (most likely by 3D printing), we should expect really fast and rapid product developments in the future.