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Home automation

Innovative energy monitoring platform Verdigris

Verdigris energy platform Verdigris is a energy monitoring system. It uses sensors that are connected to the incoming mains, distribution panel or branches and monitors the energy consumption of the household. With the information that is provided from the sensors... Continue Reading →

IKEA goes into smart lights

Smart lights The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has now launched a series of LED smart lights. The design of the LED lights is very slick as they look like ordinary light bulbs yet allows control via a remote. The series... Continue Reading →

Build your own 433 MHz receiving device for home automation using an Arduino(Part 1, Hardware)

Home automation Since about 2 years back we have had a Telldus home automation system installed. This uses radio frequency signals to control wall plugs and get information as humidity and temperature from sensors. There are a lot of products... Continue Reading →

My sun seeking solar panel

Solar panel + Arduino A couple of years ago I built a sun seeking solar panel. I made a very simply system design, I used a position servo to move the panels around and the output voltage from the solar... Continue Reading →

IF This Then That

IFTTT IF This Then That (IFTTT) is a service that allows users to create customized IF statements using web services. The conditional statements that are used in the service is called "applets". The user can select from a collection of... Continue Reading →

Evolution of remote controlled wall plugs

Remote controlled wall plugs In our house we are controlling all of our lights (And some other stuff) using remote controllable wall plugs that are switched using radio frequency. We have them hooked up to a home automation system(Telldus) that... Continue Reading →

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