I need you kit is a site about technology and everything that comes with it. New products are continuously being released to the market with the purpose of simplifying our lives and to solve problems for the everyday human. They are also the foundation for sustainability and our future well being. I am strong believer in open-source, which for me means sharing experiences and transferring knowledge. This is the best incentive to gain flexible technology and quicker innovations in the future. So in short: It´s about smart, innovative, sustainable tech stuff!


The site is managed by me, Martin Grönblad, engineer, tech-geek and family man.

This site is for people who are:

  • Curious on how our technical devices of today work.
  • Interested into building gadgets of their own
  • Looking for a snapshot of what´s new and coming in the tech world
  • Simply trying to put out their thirst for knowledge 🙂

I hope that you find the site interesting and insightful!