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Ohm´s law

Ohm´s law The most commonly used formula in electrical engineering is known as Ohm´s law. The law describes the relationship between Voltage (U), Resistance (R) and Current (I). Many law´s and formulas are important to remember but Ohm´s law is... Continue Reading →

Wheatstones bridge

  Figure 1.1 Wheatstone´s bridge Wheatstone´s bridge is a electrical circuit that can be applied when physical quantities like mechanical stress or temperature are aimed to be measured. For someone who is not used to looking at electrical circuits or... Continue Reading →

Build your own 433 MHz receiving device for home automation using an Arduino(Part 1, Hardware)

Home automation Since about 2 years back we have had a Telldus home automation system installed. This uses radio frequency signals to control wall plugs and get information as humidity and temperature from sensors. There are a lot of products... Continue Reading →

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