Cylinder deactivation control

A joint development has been made between the companies Delphi and Tula Technology. They have developed a new type of innovative cylinder deactivation control for gasoline combustion engines which is called DSF (Dynamic Skip Fire). Once it is understood how it works the name makes perfect sense.

For every combustion cycle the system decides whether or not the specific cylinder is required for the torque load that the engine is exposed to. If a cylinder is not required, that cylinder is blocked off by keeping the inlet/exhaust valves closed and not creating a spark for the cycle. The system activates and deactivates the valves using a small spring loaded plunger.

If you wanna see how it works then check this link out.

Fuel reduction

The system has an optimized control strategy to avoid resonance and other unwanted effects that can appear if the cylinders are deactivate unequal. The claim is that it reduces fuel economy by 10-20% and a potential reduction oft CO2 emissions by 20%. So it presents a challenge for the diesel engine!

What impresses me the most is the system can mechanically keep up at 3500 rpm. When you think that we are “done” in the field of mechanical engineering something like this comes along. Especially for the car industry it seems to be no end with ways to polish the quite old combustion engine. I do not believe that the combustion nor the diesel engine will be the future solution for vehicles but for sure the sociocultural and economical obstacles of switching to another source of “fuel” are not easily overcome .